• BOE Member Survives Hurricane, Reflects on What Really Matters

    Board of Education Treasurer Ryan McCoy expected to come home from his vacation well rested and with stories to tell of his family’s adventure in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Instead he returned exhausted, but with a profound sense of gratitude for his family and people who pitched-in in a difficult situation.

    “The human spirit is alive and well,” McCoy told the audience during last week’s Board of Education meeting. McCoy and twelve others traveled to Cabo San Lucas for a large family vacation only to be hammered by Hurricane Odile, the most powerful hurricane ever to strike the Baja peninsula. The McCoys huddled in their room during the height of the storm and then endured several days without water and electricity while waiting to fly home.

    At least 135 people were injured and five killed by Odile which came ashore with 125-mph winds. The winds devastated the resort hotel where the McCoys were staying. He provided pictures to the Insider showing what he and his family endured.

    “It was amazing how well the community and the tourists came together to move forward,” he reflected. “It gave me a whole new perspective to life.”

    The cleanup effort is still underway in Cabo San Lucas and most airline service won’t be restored until mid-October. Many hotels remain closed because of the damage.

    McCoy said that in spite of all of the hardships, he and his family found ways to keep themselves entertained. He quickly added, “I’m glad to be back in Colorado.”

    Posted October 2, 2014