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    D50 Insider

    Welcome to this week's edition of the D50 Insider!

    Mark Monday, October 27th on your calendar! It’s the first ever District 50 Showcase. Your chance to learn everything you have ever wanted to know about an individual school or the District as a whole. We’ve got the details.

    As you know, the health of our children is a high priority in the District and we are taking new steps to prevent students and staff from spreading germs and viruses. Every little bit helps.

    Speaking of good health. The new playground at Metz Elementary is a thing of beauty. We will take you to the ribbon cutting and show you what it has to offer the community.

    If you saw helicopters flying overhead this week in the community there was no cause for alarm. It was part of the annual celebration of Red Ribbon Week to keep students away from drugs and alcohol.

    Educators and health experts across the state were treated to a video of the “Brain Gym” program in action at Hodgkins Elementary. We will share it with you as well.

    And good news for backers of District 50’s mill levy override and bond election. The Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District has given its unanimous support to the effort.

    We also have details about the WHS fall theater production of Avenue Q.

    As always, we have the complete lineup for District 50 Television and the Community Calendar.

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    Steve Saunders

    Posted October 16, 2014