• “Haunted High” at Hidden Lake High School

    In the spirit of Halloween, students at Hidden Lake High School fashioned and operated a haunted house or ‘Haunted High’ for students and community members to visit throughout the week.

    Organized by student government leaders, with the support of volunteers, the students designed and built their frightening haunted house in a little over a month’s time.

    “We put a lot of effort into this,” said HLHS Student Government Vice-President Lilibeth Castro. “We hope to have more interactive projects like this in the future.”

    ‘Haunted High’ has already thrilled and delighted visiting students from across District 50.
    “I was scared going in, but it was fun all the way through,” said third grader Adrian Fleischer of F.M. Day Elementary.

    ‘Haunted High’ also provided new opportunities for Hidden Lake High School and how it’s viewed by the community. “We have been looking for new and different methods of bringing our parents and community into the building to see what our students can do,” said Hidden Lake Principal James Steward. “We want the community to know that our alternative high school is about students making a difference, giving second chances, and having fun while we learn.”

    A reworked version of ‘Haunted High’ will be open to the public Friday, October 31st for students and families from 4:00 p.m. To 8:00 pm.

    Hidden Lake High School is located at 73rd and Lowell.

    Posted October 30, 2014