• District 50 Continues to Grow


    The number of students attending Adams County School District 50 continues to grow; a positive development in terms of money from the state and public support for the District.

    According to data from the October Count, which measures the number of students enrolled in the District, the “head count” increased from 10,101 students to 10,161 students. The “funded count” of 9,857 is lower than the “head count” because it measures kindergarten and preschool students who do not receive full funding from the state.

    The numbers are important because they are a crucial part of the formula the state of Colorado uses in determining how much money to give each school district.

    “Things are definitely moving in the right direction,” said Brady Mills, Chief Information Officer. He briefed the Board of Education during their first session in November. “We slightly exceeded our projections which is good news when it comes to the budget.”

    Enrollment in Colorado STEM Academy (CSA) increased from 184 to 264. That increase of 80 students includes the addition of a new seventh grade class. Still, even without the addition of a new grade level, the student population increased by 24 students.

    Westminster High School continues to grow as well. The number of students is 2,456, which is an increase of 68 students.

    Posted December 4, 2014