• WHS has High Rate of Disadvantaged Students Going to Elite Colleges


    A new report by the education group “A+ Denver” has identified Westminster High School as having done an excellent job in helping its low income students enroll in the country’s most elite colleges.

    The 169 elite schools were determined by U.S. News and World Reports annual ranking and include four Colorado Colleges: Colorado College, Colorado School of Mines, the University of Denver and University of Colorado Boulder.

    According to the report, about 3 percent of low-income students statewide go onto elite colleges after graduating high school. At Westminster High School, that number is about 5.36 percent. The report concludes that statewide, for every low-income student who goes on to an elite college, 12.5 non low-income students do.

    “We must recognize that different colleges provide different experiences for students, and, if we as a society value equal opportunity as we say we do, it’s critical that Colorado’s low-income students have the same access to elite colleges as their wealthier peers,” said Van Schoales, CEO of A+ Denver in a press release.

    Posted December 4, 2014