• Ranum Guitar Students Learn From Veteran Player


    Ranum Middle School students who are just learning to play guitar got a little something extra during a recent lesson, a visit from someone who really knows his way around the instrument.

    Teacher Erv Trujillo’s beginning guitar class welcomed professional guitarist and sound engineer Kevin O’Brian to their classroom to demonstrate some intricate guitar technique and share their love for the instrument.

    The North Metro Arts Alliance provided grant funding for the visit.

    “It’s so much better when you have an expert in the room that can answer questions and demonstrate ideas that everyone can benefit from,” said Trujillo.

    From fingerpicking soft acoustics to strumming powerful electric guitars, O’Brian demonstrated the extensive range of guitar music and some inspiration about what can happen when you practice very hard and are willing to learn.

    After the demonstration, O’Brian answered questions and sat one-on-one with the students to work on their skills. “Guitar is so precise that it is easy to make mistakes,” said Ranum student Alonso Velasquez. “It was so helpful to sit with him alone.”

    After the classes, O’Brian and Trujillo talked with each other the day’s events. “The guitar really appeals to this rapid learning age group,” said O’Brian. “But I think we all learned a little something today.”

    Posted December 4, 2014