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    D50 TV Program Focus: Santa Claus with a Passion

    Wolfgang Kimmig-Liebe has volunteered as Santa Claus for years. It all started with visits to nursing homes and elementary schools. Then he made a dream come true: he walked in the footsteps of the real Saint Nick in Bari and even managed to exchange a few words with former Pope Benedict on Saint Peter’s Square in Rome.

    A few years later he was allowed to travel to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. He met orthodox Jews and Palestinian children there. He didn’t just hand out presents. For him, Christian charity is a way of life.

    Santa Claus with a Passion will be broadcast at 8:00 PM Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday on D50 TV Comcast channel 54.

    Here is an excerpt from the program:



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    Posted December 18, 2014