• Special Education Students Inspire Recycling Program

    Recycle at WHS

    Mariah Vigil and Jackie Campbell are looking to make a difference in the world.

    By putting together a Recycling Team at Westy High, these two 10th grade students are well on their way.

    Vigil and Campbell were inspired to start the team after seeing the Special Education Department collecting recycled materials. Campbell and Vigil, an aspiring Special Ed. Teacher, thought they could pitch in to help.

    “It just seemed obvious that someone needed to take the initiative in supporting what they (the Special Education students) were already doing” said Vigil. “We wanted to collect recyclable materials throughout the whole school and pick them up on a weekly basis.”

    Recycle The Special Ed. Department began recycling six years ago as a way to earn job skills and well as being productive members of the community.

    “The students really love the responsibility and rewards,” said Special Education teacher Tracy Piniarczyk. “We are so happy that other Westy students have taken the initiative to further our program.”

    With the guidance of Project Lead the Way educator Jessica Messmer, the student-led team used Messmer’s 5th period Earth Science class last year to organize and write a proposal for the program.

    “Jackie and Mariah really ran with it,” said Messmer. “They asked me about it all summer to see if the plan got approved and to see if the bins were ordered.”

    The project was approved by the school and now consists of 4-5 different groups who tackle different areas of work such as Public Relations and the logistics.

    All teams pitch in on the most important part of the job: going out and collecting the materials.

    The team distributed bins to classes who needed them. They also made an informational PowerPoint with guidelines of what can and cannot be put into the recycling bins which can be viewed here.

    The teams will distribute new bins and begin collecting throughout the school beginning Monday February 2nd.

    Posted January 29, 2015