• Students Build ‘Retro’ Arcade Games at WHS


    Computers are a vital tool in today’s classrooms, but few know how they really work. Westminster High School teacher Sergio Figueroa is hoping to change that in his Computer Maintenance class. In addition to teaching students how to build and code computers, they are also having fun with some retro video games such as Pac Man, Gattaca and Mortal Kombat.

    Using an inexpensive and very small computer called a “Raspberry Pi” the students in Figueroa’s class have constructed a working “classic” arcade game cabinet which will be placed in Westminster High School Café this spring.

    “We learned to solder the back with our controls . . . everything is hidden and clean so it all looks nice,” Sophomore Hazael Paredes said while showing off the insides of the arcade cabinet.

    The games will be coin operated and can be played by one, or two people depending on the game chosen. The money made from the arcade will go back to pay for the parts already used and the rest will go to funding future projects for the Computer Maintenance class.

    Posted January 29, 2015