• February 12h - D50 Insider

    D50 Insider

    Welcome this week’s edition of the D50 Insider!

    There is a lot to share in this week’s edition. Some of it fun, some of it critical information concerning student testing, student funding and contract negotiations.

    The Colorado Attorney General has ruled that in spite of some controversial changes in how statewide student assessments are created and administered, districts cannot opt out of taking them. We’ll tell you what it means in District 50.

    Superintendent Pam Swanson was in the lead on the effort by superintendents to have more money allocated to “at risk” students and rural school districts. She has become a leading voice in the push for funding equity.

    Next week, contract negotiations begin between the District and the WEA. They are being held in public and we will tell you why.

    Meantime, teachers have a new way to share their views with administrators. We will tell you which teachers are on the Teacher Leadership Cabinet .

    A big thank you to Groove Automotive which awarded a grant to help students learn English and we have details about a record turnout for the recent Tuition and Scholarship Fair.

    We’ll show you how Hidden Lake High School students are getting a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and how their teacher’s approach is helping to shape curriculum around the country. It’s this week’s Insider video.

    Call it “Pedal Power.” Students are creating healthy drinks by turning a bike into a blender. We’ve got the story.

    Also, a slide show of the WHS Pep Rally which celebrated the great things going on at Westminster High School.

    And a reminder that tickets are now on sale for District 50 Nuggets Night. Get your tickets now and help support your school.

    As always, we have the complete lineup for District 50 Television and the Community Calendar.

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    Steve Saunders

    Posted February 12, 2015