• Superintendents Unite on Increased Funding


    Superintendent Pam Swanson was one of three superintendents asked to deliver an important message last week calling for additional funding for "at risk" students and small rural districts.

    During a press conference before education reporters and fellow superintendents Swanson urged lawmakers to support a Superintendent Position Statement calling for an additional $50 million in funding for "at risk" students and $20 million for rural school districts. The statement signed by 174 superintendents representing more than 90% of Colorado students, also supports Governor John Hickenlooper's request for an additional $200 million in K-12 funding.

    "It's not only the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do," Swanson told journalists. She added, “About eight-in-ten students in our district qualify for free or reduced meals, one of the highest rates of concentrated poverty among school districts. I can tell you that while many of these families don’t have a lot of money, the children have the same capabilities and aspirations as students anywhere else in the state.” You can here entire remarks here.

    Super group Swanson was joined by Superintendent Paul McCarty of Hanover 28 School District in Southeastern Colorado and Superintendent Bruce Messenger of The Boulder Valley School District. It was an unprecedented show of unity by districts with different geographic and economic profiles

    Swanson has become one of the "go to" people on the issue of educational equity. Prior to the press conference, Channel 7 News visited F.M. Day Elementary and spoke with Swanson about the funding issue.

    You can see the Channel 7 report here. Swanson was also quoted extensively by Colorado Public Radio.

    Last week Swanson also joined several superintendents with similar concerns at the State Capitol where she met with almost three dozen lawmakers. Swanson said there was a general agreement that more money needs to be made available for “at risk" students and students in rural communities, but the exact formula remains a work in progress.

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    Posted February 12, 2015