• Teacher Leadership Cabinet Meets for First Time


    Its called TLC.

    Not Tender, Loving, Care-- though there is probably some of that -- but Teacher Leadership Cabinet.

    TLC, comprised of 24 teachers, met for the first time last week with Swanson and other key members of the administration team. It’s similar in design to the Superintendent Support Council where the superintendent meets with Educational Support Professionals (ESP).

    The District sent out an invitation for membership to interested teachers and received an overwhelming response. The final members were chosen to reflect specific criteria:

    • All schools represented
    • Variety of content areas
    • Varying length of service
    • Diverse Perspectives

    “It’s a great opportunity to engage in candid two-way conversations about what is on people’s minds and ways we can best meet the needs of our students,” said Swanson. “ ...its an opportunity to promote calabrative capacity in our system.”

    Click here to see a list of the members.

    Posted February 12, 2015