• State Tests Begin in March


    Colorado’s new online tests begin next month in District 50 and students and staff are gearing up for the changes in how they will be administered.

    Since the assessment is online, it is essential that all learners continue to practice and improve their keyboarding and navigation skills on a computer. That’s in addition to the normal advice to get plenty of rest and for parents to talk with their children about the assessments, especially if they tend to get anxious about taking tests.

    We have links to letters that were sent home to parents in English and Spanish.

    More information on the PARCC tests can be found here.

    Earlier this year, Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman ruled that Colorado school districts can not apply for waivers from upcoming spring assessments, even though there are many critics who say the state has too many high stakes tests.

    District 50 leadership has long argued that while it supports accountability, the state’s assessment program is not compatible with a true Competency Based System which measures student progress by mastery of a learning topic.

    Lawmakers are looking at several potential changes to the state's testing formula and created a task force to offer possible alternatives. The Insider will keep you updated.

    Posted February 26, 2015