• Westy El Principal Loses Bet, Gets New Look

    What happens when you promise your students that you will shave your head into a Mohawk if they sell $1500 worth of chocolate?

    The answer is easy: They sell $5500 worth of candy and Principal Russell Warwick keeps his word.

    Last week Warwick hosted a hair-raising experience as part of a student assembly where kids turned out to watch him get his punk-rock hairdo.

    “We have been working very hard to increase our student and parent engagement at Westy El and this fundraiser worked,” said Warwick. “I never had a chance.”

    The money will go toward school activities such as pizza nights and possibly even a ski trip.

    Warwick added, “And yes, it's been a lot of fun to walk around school in a shirt, tie and Mohawk!”

    Posted February 26, 2015