• Teachers of Year Named

    Tim Woodruff

    Tim Woodruff, Karina Costas and Zoe Driver have been named the 2015 Westminster Elks Teachers of the Year. All three are committed to their students and the long-term success of District 50.

    The three were nominated by their principals and honored by the Elks at a special dinner at the Elks Lodge in March.

    This spring, the Insider is providing a video profile of each recipient so you can learn more about what makes them such special educators and what it is like to be inside their classrooms.

    P.E. teacher Tim Woodruff is profiled this week.

    Below are some of the remarks submitted to describe this amazing trio!

    If you see them, make sure to say CONGRATULATIONS!

    Tim W Tim Woodruff – Hodgkins Elementary—Physical Education

    “Tim has many qualities and skills that make him an amazing teacher. He is intelligent, optimistic, encouraging and humble. He connects with students on a special level and is always willing to go above and beyond.”

    “Tim pushes all of his students to be the best they can be, academically and personally.”
    “If you are looking for someone who stands as a model educator, look no further than Tim Woodruff.”

    Karina Karina Costas - Westminster High School—Math

    “Karina always makes every decision based on what is best for students. Her ability to connect and build relationships with students is unprecedented and she is loved by all.”

    “Karina is a model of a competency based teacher. She not only provides interventions for struggling students, but put pushes critical thinking in all of her classes.”

    “Karina is respected by her peers and loved by her students for her generous and giving spirit. Her bubbly personality is infectious and appreciated by all.”

    Zoe Driver Zoe Driver – Hidden Lake High School—Language Arts

    “Zoe brings a unique perspective to the job and finds ways to expand the students’ experience in the world.”
    “Students routinely come back to visit her and tell her how they are doing in their life after high school. She touches lives every day in a positive way.”

    “I trust her to always make decisions that are in the best interests of the students. She leads the staff with her insight and perspective. You could not find a better teacher that exemplifies the amazing work we achieve at Hidden Lake High School.”

    Posted April 9, 2015