• Students Send Anti-Drug Message on 4-20

    On a day when many pot enthusiasts and users celebrated the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, a group of Adams County students, community leaders and law enforcement officials gathered at Westminster High School to tell the other side of the story and urge young people not to use it.

    Monday’s event was organized and presented by Sergeant Jim Gerhardt of the North Metro Task Force and the Adams County Youth Initiative. They picked April 20th because that date has become synonymous with support for marijuana use.

    The event also served as the finals for the Adams County YOUTH Challenge where high school students researched and implemented projects to spread an anti-drug message. Westminster, Legacy and Horizon High Schools were named as finalists and student representatives were present from each of the three schools to present their projects and speak on their school’s behalf.

    “You have the support of your friends, know that you can reach each other,” said Westminster High School Student Body President Olivia Gonzalez who was a part of the WHS team.

    One of the most important messages of the project was to draw attention to a little known fact that most students do not to try or use drugs. The teams hoped their project would relay this message to younger students who feel pressure to try drugs at a young age. “It’s important for those student to know that there are other kids in the same boat who feel that peer pressure,” added Gonzalez.

    WHS student Nadia Sherman said she had many friends whose lives were ruined because of marijuana use. “They thought they could use pot and do well in school but you can’t do both. They weren’t able to see the long term effects and ended up dropping out of school.”

    "You don’t want to hear me tell you not to choose drugs, you want to hear it from your peers," said District Attorney Dave Young. "Go to college, have fun, then come back to Adams County and make a difference."

    This was the third year Westy has participated in the challenge but the first year that Student Council, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Mediators of Westy worked together comprehensively.  

    Horizon High School took home the crown for the second consecutive time as the 2015 Adams County YOUTH Challenge winners.

    For more information on Westy's efforts, visit the Westminster High School website.

    Posted April 23, 2015