MATHCOUNTS: A program open to all our hardworking students 6th,7th, and 8th-grade students interested in enhancing their mathematical knowledge, particularly in engineering. Students may compete at the District Chapter and State competitions. MATHCOUNTS meetings will be determined in the new school year.

    MESA: A program under the umbrella of CMEA, which stands for Colorado Math Engineering Achievement. It's goal is to encourage students from underrepresented groups in Math and Science to develop and continue an interest in these areas throughout high school and college. These students include females, Hispanics, Native American students, although, this is where our emphasis is, which does not exclude other groups of students on a limited basis and is open to all 7th and 8th-grade students.

    WEB: (Where everyone belongs) The WEB program trains 40 of Shaw Heights top 7th & 8th Graders to become leaders, motivators, role models, tutors, peer mentors, encouragers, and teachers to our incoming 6th-grade students. These WEB leaders are linked with 10-12 grade students, to work with them starting on orientation day to provide social and academic support throughout the school year. The objectives of the WEB program are simple, yet powerful. To empower 8th graders that are role models for 6th graders. To increase academic success through the support of peers. To develop leadership skills in the students of our campus. To allow successful older students to pass on positive traditions to younger students. To expose students to a variety of individuals at our school in positive situations. To teach students that by working together they can be successful and enjoy one another. To help create a supportive and positive atmosphere on our campus. Not only do our WEB leaders work closely with our 6th graders to create a positive, comforting environment, they also plan and sponsor several events for the community throughout the year, including a fall festival, activities, and entertainment for our schools, such as a talent show and dances. They also plan activities for a Senior Assisted Living Center.