Class Newsletter:
    I will send home a monthly newsletter in Thursday folders to let you know what we have been learning, important dates, and what you can work on at home to support your student.
    Behavior Management:
    I will be using Class Dojo as a way to provide students positive reinforcement and tracking of negative behaviors as well. Students receive points. Positive behaviors receive positive points will negative behaviors will subtract from their current points. For example if a student has 1 positive point and 2 negative at the end of the day this will result in a -1. The goal is to have points at the end of the day. 2 points = wolf paw, 4 points = treasure box, 6 points = message to parent through Class Dojo about their great day. -1 is a warning, -2 is timeout in another classroom, -3 is a phone call home and referral to speak with the principal.

    Reading -Students will have a Book Bag with a Book Journal Folder and book at their level. They are expected to read and respond to 75 books per semester. Students who meet the goal will receive an award at the awards assembly as well as participating in the special lunch or event determined by Mr. Vadeen.

    Math-Students will have a Homework that will travel back and forth from home to school Monday - Thursday. There will be one sheet of homework on canary yellow paper (with the classwork on the front as a reference). Students who complete their homework receive a sticker on their incentive chart. If their chart is full on IPAD reward day they will get free choice time on the IPADS. Students who do not have their chart complete will do extra math worksheets during this time.