Accountability for Behavior:
    This year I will be using ClassDojo for rewarding and monitoring student behavior.  Students will recieve positive points for following the school code of conducts.  Students will be redirected and possibly lose points for not following the code conducts.  I welcome parents to join ClassDojo and partner with me in helping to create a postive atmosphere of learning in our classroom!
    Reading Responses:
    Students will a have a Take Home Reading Folder, which includes reading responses and books from my take home reading bin.  Students are expected to read and respond to 75 books each semester.  Students who meet the goal of reading 75 books and writing 75 journal responses will receive an award at the awards assembly and participate in a special event determined by Mr. Vadeen. 
    Math homework will be given every day and is expected to be completed at home and brought back the next day.