• October through November
    The next two months we will work on analyzing literature as well as simulated research writing.  These are more formal forms of writing where students will need to follow a specific structure.  We will continue to focus on conventions, spelling, and grammar.
    Reciprocal reading groups are up and running.  Students are reading challenging books that require them to work together to fully understand the story.  Students work on predicting, vocabulary, questioning, summarizing and visualizing.  Students also must interact as a group.
    We are in the middle of our unit 2 that covers multiplication and division concepts.  We will concretely build our understanding of these operations as well as properties, factors, arrays, multiples, and other related skills.
    In science we just finished our unit on Earth's history and moved on to weathering and erosion.  We will then move to how humans impact the Earth, and Earth's resources.