• Fairview Celebrates Mexican Culture

    April 30th marks a unique holiday known as “El Dia Del Niño” or “Day of the Child” and the Fairview Elementary community made the most of it.

    A nationally observed holiday in Mexico since 1925, El Dia Del Niñois an opportunity for parents to shower their children with gifts, food and activities and recognize them as an important part of society.

    Some children were familiar with the holiday while others, who never knew about it, had no problem fitting in with its traditions very quickly. “It’s really cool to celebrate a new holiday just about kids.” said Fairview 4th grade student Latrice Davis.

    Fairview parents volunteered by making piñatas, bringing candy and putting on a show for the students.

    Parents took part in a custom called “LA DANZA DE LOS VIEJITOS” or “The Old Men Dance.” The mothers dress in traditional Mexican clothes and act as if they were elderly.

    “This is a long standing tradition for Fairview, where parents, staff and students can all get involved,” said Fairview Principal Camile Carlson.

    El Dia Del Niño also serves as an opportunity for children to share their culture and good times with one another.

    To end the celebration, Fairview held a Movie Night and sent the students home with bags of candy that were handed out as gifts.

    Posted May 7, 2015