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    D50 Insider

    Welcome this week’s edition of the D50 Insider.

    Early Childhood Education can change a life. Governor John Hickenlooper came to District 50 to sign legislation to revamp how it is provided to families. The Insider will tell you why we were chosen for the event.

    About 400 Westy seniors took a step into the future last week as they graduated from high school. We have complete coverage including a link for you to watch the entire ceremony.

    Just before getting her diploma, one student received an emotional gift as her sister surprised her with a touching visit. It’s our Insider video.

    The night before graduation, the school took a moment to honor its outstanding students with a night full of awards and scholarships.

    The students at Scott Carpenter Middle School had an overwhelming response to a social media campaign encouraging people to rise above their challenges. As a result the school is playing a part in the largest ever student art project in the state. We will tell you what it is was all about.

    And as the school year winds down, the District took time to honor its final three FRED award winners who then joined the other honorees to eat lunch with the “real’ Fred. It was a special way to say thank you.

    Speaking of saying thanks. On Thursday the District held its annual Retiree Celebration to honor 36 outstanding employees who are leaving us. We wish them well!

    As always we have the D50 TV schedule and a complete Calendar of Events.

    We hope you have a wonderful summer.

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    Posted May 21, 2015