• Governor Signs ‘Pay for Success’ Childhood Education Bill in District 50

    Highlighting the importance of Early Childhood Education and the value of public and private partnerships, Governor John Hickenlooper signed an innovative “Pay for Success” bill at District 50’s Early Childhood Center on Wednesday.

    Surrounded by preschool students and members of the Board of Education, Hickenlooper signed House Bill 1317 to the cheers of educators and social service providers who believe in the importance of early childhood education. The “Pay for Success” model encourages private and philanthropic organizations to take the lead in implementing social service programs with the understanding that the government will support them if they prove successful.

    “Colorado remains a mover and shaker in innovation with public and private partnerships,” said the Governor.

    Experts say that early childhood education is critical to student academic success, but because of limited state funding, many children, especially from low-income families, do not get full access to preschool and other programs.

    “House bill 1317 is all about finding new solutions to old problems,” said Superintendent Pam Swanson. “This is an innovative way to leverage public, private partnerships to help our young learners in a time of limited public dollars.”

    District 50 was selected to host the event because it has taken the lead in implementing an experimental “Pay for Success” program. The University of Utah’s Policy Innovation Lab recently gave the District grant funding to hire someone to come into the community to examine the best ways to utilize partnerships with agencies like Growing Home and Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County.

    Initial plans call for a focus on expanded preschool/child care opportunities as well as expanded parenting classes.

    You can read more about the grant here.


    The bipartisan legislation was sponsored by Senators Mike Johnston (D) and Beth Martinez Humenik (R) and Representatives Alec Garnett (D) and Bob Rankin (R). Johnston and Humenik attended the signing along with Representative Faith Winter of Westminster.

    Highlights of the signing event are below.

    Posted May 21, 2015