• Scott Carpenter Students ‘Rise Above’ in ASTRO-nomical Way

    Scott Carpenter Middle School student’s commitment to rising above challenges has earned them a permanent reminder of their efforts and recognition in statewide public art project. It’s a reward for the students overwhelming response to the #IRiseAboveColorado social media campaign.

    Scott Carpenter students had the highest participation level of any school in the state.

    A semester’s worth of hard work and social media activism was rewarded last week as a professional artist helped students paint a mural that will be mounted onto a portable frame that can be moved around the building. The multicolored mural shows a rocket ship in space with ASTROS written below.

    The second art project is, at least for now, a bit of a mystery.

    Working from a pre-determined design, the students spray painted shapes and colors on a piece of canvas that will eventually be placed inside a larger piece of art. The students completed just a piece of the puzzle because right now few people know what the finished piece will look like.

    Eight grader LuLu Marquez was one of the students who helped the school win the honor. “This will make the school a better place,” she said. “I posted a lot of quotes and pictures related to the ‘I rise above’ theme.”

    Principal Chad Anderson was impressed. “It’s been a great project,” he said. “It brought our kids together and helped them to rise above all of the distractions that sometimes bring kids down.”

    The complete student art project will be unveiled June 4th at the Holiday Theater at in North West Denver.

    Posted May 21, 2015