• Westminster Academy for International Studies

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    Vision: Start Here, Go Anywhere!


    WAIS students and staff will:

    1. Do our best and help each other
    2. Learn from our mistakes
    3. Learn about the world
    4. Have fun!




    WAIS’ work is to prepare students to be global community members: this means preparing students for their academic and vocational futures as well as preparing them to be positive citizens of the world. The vision “Start here, go anywhere” means that we are training our students to be anything they would like to be when they grow up, anywhere they would like to be! In order to accomplish this vision, the staff at WAIS has implemented a rigorous competency based education system complete with an international studies focus and language instruction (Spanish for this year, but we are expanding to other areas as well). In addition, we believe in empowering students and strive to help our students advocate for themselves academically and socially, track their progress in these areas and set achievable goals.

    The end result, we hope, are students that are prepared for their high school experience after leaving our building and will take the important lessons learned here beyond the k-12 world into college, the work place and beyond. 

    Attendance: WAIS will have 95% daily attendance. We will strive to make sure all of our students miss no more than 10 days of school in an academic year.

    Community: We will strive to have at least 50% parent attendance at our events and continue to provide volunteer opportunities and build our PTA

    Behavior: Each year WAIS will strive to have a reduction of 50% in our office referrals, and 100% of our classrooms will use WISE reinforcements and Responsive Classroom

    Academics: Each of our students, k-6, will make more than one year’s worth of growth in every academic subject, every year.