• August 28th - D50 Insider

    D50 Insider

    Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year!


    Beginning next week, the D50 Insider will be delivered to you electronically on Tuesday mornings while being published simultaneously on the District 50 web page.

    By moving the Insider to Tuesday’s we will be able to include fresh details about sporting events and other activities that happen the weekend before publication. In addition, the new publication date will give readers a heads up about events scheduled in the days ahead. On occasion readers have said they would like to participate in activities, but wished they had more time to plan for them; we hope this helps increase involvement.

    Please don’t hesitate to send us information about events or stories that you think might be of interest to our community. You can contact me at ssaunders@adams50.org.

    We do have a couple of stories to share with you in this week’s edition of the Insider as well.

    About 10,000 students, full of smiles and anticipation, headed back to the classroom last week to resume their education. We have some pictures to share and an important reminder about why regular attendance is so important.

    We also have a link to our annual Informational Guide that allows you to instantly contact key people and departments in the District.

    District 50 employees are still talking about this year’s Welcome Back Rally, which included a show closing piano duet from Superintendent Pam Swanson and Board of Education Secretary, Joe Davidek. The message: ‘We are the Champions.’ We will show you part of the performance along with other highlights from the morning event.

    Finally, If you didn’t get a chance to see it over the course of the summer, Westminster High School has released a “must see” video that captures what the high school is all about and what makes it such a special place to go to school. We think you will enjoy it.

    Enjoy this edition of the Insider and we will see you next Tuesday.

    Steve Saunders

    Posted August 27, 2015