• Regular Attendance is Key to Academic Success


    As the new school year gets underway, school leaders are sending a critical message to students and parents … don’t miss school unless it’s absolutely necessary. To reinforce the important message, the Board of Education approved a proclamation this week making September, Attendance Awareness Month.

    The message was strengthened further by Superintendent Pam Swanson during her superintendent report. “Every moment of every day matters,” she said.

    Its common sense that students who miss a lot of days of school will fall behind in the classroom, but some startling statistics show that, in many cases, they will fall behind in life.

    Research shows that chronic absence, defined as missing 10 percent or more of school, is a proven predictor of academic trouble and an increase in dropout rates. Missing an average of just two to three days a month puts students in jeopardy.

    You can read the proclamation here.

    Posted August 27th, 2015