• Welcome Back Rally Inspires Staffers to ‘Be a Champion’

    With an overhead video celebrating the successes of students as well as Board of Education Secretary Joe Davidek and Superintendent Pam Swanson playing a live piano duet of “We are the Champions,” District 50 staff celebrated the start of the school year at the annual Welcome Back Rally.

    The rally was held August 12th at Ranum Middle School.

    The event focused on the five W’s of the District and its employees. Who, what, where, when and why?

    WHO - A district of committed employees working to educate students and improve their community. Superintendent Swanson asked employees who were honored for their work last year to stand and be recognized and also celebrated the employees who were achieving milestone anniversaries of five, ten and fifteen years. Employees with 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service were honored with a video that you can see below.

    WHAT - A district fully committed to its Competency Based System (CBS) that requires students to fully master a learning topic before moving to the next learning level.

    WHERE - Everywhere. Staff was reminded that CBS doesn’t just happen in the classroom. It needs to be a part of the culture from the school bus, to the playground, to the front office of every building in the District.

    WHEN - Right now. The message that there is no time to waste was reflected by the scheduling of the Second Annual CBS Symposium on the afternoon of the rally. Educators spent the afternoon at Westminster High School in CBS professional development opportunities.

    WHYThe kids. Swanson, with the help of a graphic, reminded the audience that Westminster begins with the letters WE before launching into her closing performance with Davidek.

    Staffers also watched a video voiced by Board members Dino Valente and Ken Ciancio that looked at many of the activities the District offered over the summer months. The video is below.

    Board President Ruben Pacheco thanked the entire audience for their commitment to education, while Board Treasurer Ryan McCoy, who couldn’t be at the rally, delivered a funny opening video that introduced Superintendent Swanson.

    Westminster Education Association President Rosie Jaramillo also spoke to the audience, praising the District for its sense of unity and purpose.

    Posted August 27th, 2015