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    D50 Insider

    Welcome to the first Tuesday edition of the District 50 Insider!

    Let me first say thank you for reading the District 50 Insider and, second, tell you why we have moved the publication date to every other Tuesday.

    Our research found that our prior publication date of Friday was not ideal for many reasons:

    A lot of readers who have a busy Friday, and are looking forward to the weekend, plan to get around to the Insider when they have time, but because life is hectic, the next thing they know it is the next week and it is never opened.

    With a Friday publication date, many people find out about weekend events too late to plan for them.

    Sports updates on Friday are outdated. With a Tuesday publication, we can bring you up to speed on what happened over the weekend and tell you about the sports weekend ahead.

    We are always open to suggestions and ideas for how we can do a better job of communicating with you.

    As for this week, we have a wonderful video that provides first time teacher Steven Garcia’s perspective on that first day of school and why he chose to become a teacher. He speaks for a lot of his peers and reminds us about the important work they do.

    Three familiar faces and two new ones are running for the Board of Education. All of the candidates had until Friday to submit their petitions. We will bring you up to date.

    Of course teachers can’t do it alone. This month, educators across the country are emphasizing the important of attendance.

    Another Insider video profiles the generous efforts of local organizations to provide back to school supplies for many or our students. 9News anchor Kim Christiansen tells us why her station participates in “Stuff for Students.”

    There are also several events to look forward to this month for the entire community. Registration is now underway for the Ranum/Westy Alumni Golf tournament on September 25th while football alums are preparing for the annual Alumni Football game on September 12th which is included in a new feature titled Mark your Calendar.

    The City of Westminster has postponed the closure of 72nd Avenue, at least for a little while. We will bring you the latest and tell you the best ways to get into and out of Westminster High School.

    And finally …. One last look back at summer. We will share with you all the pictures submitted by staff members for our ”What I did this Summer” slide show that was presented at the annual Welcome Back Rally last month.

    As always we have the D50 TV lineup and our calendar of events.

    Thanks for reading.

    Steve Saunders

    Posted August 31, 2015