• September is Attendance Awareness Month


    As students across the country head back to the classroom this month, educators are making a concerted effort to remind parents and students about how important regular, on time attendance is to student success.

    Last Week the Board of Education approved resolution, focusing on that fact.

    “Chronic absenteeism is the largest problem we have as a school district,” said Tony Streno, Director of Student Services. “If the kids are not in school, they can’t learn, if they miss too many days they become further and further behind.”

    Streno says District 50 has taken the lead in Adams County in addressing the issue, in making it a high priority and finding ways to work with families to integrate a child back into the school system.

    Researchers define chronic absence as missing 10 percent or more of school, and say it is a proven predictor of academic trouble and an increase in dropout rates.

    A national report in “Education Week” reached the same conclusion saying chronic absenteeism can “devastate” k-12 learning.

    Steno says the problem goes beyond academic difficulty.

    “Ninety nine percent of our adolescents and teens would not find themselves in troublesome, anti-social behavior if they were simply in the classroom,” he said.

    Posted August 31st, 2015