• ‘Stuff for Students’ Sets Students on the Right Path

    Stuff For Students

    Thanks to the generosity of people across the state, many District 50 students and parents aren’t having to worry about the cost of back to school supplies, but can instead focus on how to best use the materials.

    The Annual Stuff for Students Campaign sent thousands of dollars’ worth of school supplies to District 50 to be distributed to families in need. As one of the organizers put it, “A lot of hands have been involved in every step of the process.”

    Volunteers of America, 9News, King Soopers and Larry H Miller all pitched in to make the drive a success.

    9News Anchor Kim Christensen, who grew up in nearby Arvada, spoke with the Insider about her station’s commitment to the community and their 9 Cares, Colorado Shares philosophy. “It’s so important for these kids to start out with the basics and know how important their education is,” she said. “We talk about it, this is a way to show it.”

    Check out our video below that captures what goes into getting “Stuff for Students.”

    Posted August 31st, 2015