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    Phone number: 720-542-4312Celeste Garduno piano recital 2014

         Celeste Garduno has been actively involved in music for 20 years. She began taking piano lessons at age 3, and since then has also learned to play bassoon, clarinet, and some guitar. Some groups Celeste has performed with include Pueblo Symphony Orchestra, Colorado State University-Pueblo's piano and collaborative ensemble, Pueblo Chorale Society, and Colorado State University-Pueblo's Chamber choir, whom she went on tour to Germany with in May of 2014. Today, Celeste has her own piano/bassoon/clarinet studio in which she teaches one-on-one lessons to students. She currently teaches general music at both Skyline Vista Elementary and Tennyson Knolls Elementary. Besides music, Celeste loves traveling, hiking, reading, and spending time with her husband and her 2 Siberian huskies, Ruby and Sasha.