• District 50 Considers a Name Change, Wants Your Input


    The name Adams County School District 50 brings up a lot of memories and pride, but also some confusion.

    It may be time for a change and District leaders want your input. Leaders are asking you to participate in a survey to gauge your reaction to a possible new name. It’s not a vote, just a chance to give some valuable feedback.

    Why now?

    When educators and students are asked by outsiders to talk about their schools, the answers often bring more questions. Questions like, “just where is District 50?” and “what part of Adams County are you in?” or “why does the Colorado Department of Education refer to you as Westminster?”

    It can lead to an identity crisis.

    In addition, the District is quickly shedding its image as a lower performing school district.

    With that in mind, the Board of Education has supported preliminary studies to explore the desirability of a rebranding campaign that would provide a new, updated and more positive identification of the District. It’s an involved process that unfolds over time and requires input from a lot of different people.

    This summer, a marketing expert met with various focus groups to help identify the District’s strengths and what those closest to the District believe we should be telling others about ourselves. Those discussions have laid the groundwork for a broader conversation with the larger community.

    An important step is a potential name change and that is why we are asking you to participate in a survey that you can find here.

    We will keep you updated as the process moves forward.

    Posted October 12th, 2015