• ‘Red Ribbon Month’ Has Students Looking to the Sky

    It’s an important message delivered in an extraordinary way - via helicopter.

    For 30 years District 50 has participated in the anti-drug Red Ribbon campaign and whenever possible the district has teamed up with the Colorado National Guard to bring the message directly to kids. Among the schools receiving a visit this year, Sherrelwood Elementary.

    DEA Special Agent Albert Villasuso and United States Air Force helicopter pilot and Chief Warrant Officer Marc Kudlac arrived via helicopter to meet with kids and answer their questions about their helicopter.

    They also delivered a very important message:
    “There is no doubt that one day you will be approached by a friend and asked to take drugs,” said Kudlac. “What you choose will be the most important decision in your life.”

    Students happily took a ‘No Drugs Pledge’ in front of their teachers and friends by declaring, “I promise to never-ever-ever take drugs and to keep my dreams alive.”

    After taking the pledge each student received a red ribbon.

    Over time, they may lose the ribbon, but its hope they will remember the message forever.

    Posted October 12th, 2015