• Renowned Cartoonist Visits D50

    His name may not ring a bell, but his work is unmistakable. Drew Litton, a nationally syndicated cartoonist and local personality took time out of his time-crunched schedule to spend a few hours with some of his biggest (and smallest) fans at Hodgkins Elementary last week.

    Upper-level Gifted and Talented teacher Kathy Zook put the event together. A fan of Litton and a cartoonist herself, Zook introduced her students to Litton’s Denver sports-focused work prior to his visit.

    Zook and Litton met at Comic Con in Denver over the summer where they shared their mutual respect for artistry and drawing. Litton learned of Zook’s style of teaching through graphic novels and cartoons and offered to come to her classroom to speak with her students.

    “I love sports more than anything, so Drew Litton’s cartoons really make me laugh,” said 5th grade student Javoni.

    Litton talked to kids about the differences and similarities of comics versus graphic novels. Both forms are incredibly popular with students. The students enjoyed looking at some of his most famous work and watched a demonstration of how he illustrates in real-time.

    Litton recalled how he started drawing when he was in elementary school. When asked,” what’s the most important thing for an artist to do?” Litton replied, “To read.”

    Zook has been a longtime fan of his work, now she’s a fan of him as a person. “How wonderful that someone could spend so much time out of their day to make a difference in my kids’ lives. I know this is something the kids won’t forget,” said Zook.

    Posted October 12th, 2015