• Skyline Vista Shaves Heads to Save Lives

    Some students, teachers, staff and community members at Skyline Vista Elementary will feel the cold a little more than usual over the next month or two, but they are very happy about it.

    They shaved their heads last week to raise about $5,000 in the fight against childhood cancer. About 30 people said goodbye to their hair in exchange for donations to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation which funds cancer research in the United States.

    The cause and push for a cure is very personal at Skyline Vista.

    Preschool teacher Carla Blue-Norton’s daughter Elizabeth was stricken with cancer seven years ago. Ever since, she has battled the disease and while she is now in remission, the battle with cancer is all consuming.

    “They have many treatments for cancer, but it can also get better,” Elizabeth told the audience.

    Her mother, who was among the first to shave her head Friday, agreed. “It’s so important to find a better cure.”

    Among those who said “yes” to the barber chair was Board of Education President Ruben Pacheco. He told the students of Skyline Vista that little acts of kindness quickly add up. “Every one of you can do something to help solve big problems,” he said.

    School Secretary Michele Swank raised nearly $1500 all by herself and had many of her family members with her for the event. As her hair fell to the floor, tears welled up in her eyes. “It’s not about losing my hair,” she said. “It’s the whole idea of helping kids.”

    Posted October 27th, 2015