• October ‘Fred’ Award Winners Recognized


    Terecita Wilch and Linda Keighin have been named “Fred Award” winners for October. They join the growing list of District 50 employees recognized for extraordinary work and were honored at the most recent Board of Education meeting.

    Fred2 Terecita is a Special Services teacher at Scott Carpenter Middle School. She was nominated for her work in helping challenged students grow both inside and outside the classroom. Her nomination letter reads in part:

    “Terecita has a very soft spoken manner about her, which calms her students and staff members as needed.  Her amazing skills come in handy on numerous occasions. She is 110% committed to getting the best education possible for her scholars!

    Linda works in Technology Services, making the complex world of data collection and technology understandable for those who are not as technologically savvy. Her nomination letter talked specifically about Linda’s role in helping with the important “October Count” of students which the state uses in determining funding for students:

    “Linda approaches her job with equal measures professionalism, courtesy and humor.  There is never a ‘dumb’ question in her book.   I appreciate that Linda will go the extra mile, doing research for questions to which she doesn’t know the answer. Linda definitely has a ‘we will find the answer together’ attitude. I can always count on her.”

    The “Fred Award” was created last year as a way to honor Education Support Professionals across the District. It’s named after a mailman profiled in the book The Fred Factor who consistently did more than his job description required.

    If you would like to acknowledge someone who provides excellent customer service, go to Fred@adams50.org to write your nomination. Continue to read the Insider for updates on future winners.

    Posted November 9, 2015