• Showcase Highlights D50 Opportunities

    How to open a can of soda, without touching it!

    That was one of the ‘Rube Goldberg’ contraptions highlighted last week at the 2nd Annual District 50 Showcase at Westminster High School. The mission was accomplished by rolling a marble down a wooden chute with the marble setting off a series of chain reactions that resulted in an axe, cutting the can open.

    Another contraption used falling dominoes to set off the reaction.

    That was just one of the highlights as students and staff definitely put the “show” in showcase.

    Hundreds of families turned out for the event to learn more about what the District and its individual schools have to offer.

    It was a night of musical performances, food, fun and learning.

    The District also opened the Future Center in the school library. (See separate story)

    Every school was represented at the showcase as principals and teachers outlined for parents their individualized school plans for the coming year and discussed long term plans as well.

    The night offered a chance for parents to see the bigger picture of what District 50 and its partners are all about. There was a table to highlight the “gifted and talented” programs and the opportunity to sign up for Girl and Boy Scouts.

    This short video captures some of the sights and sounds.

    Posted November 9, 2015