• Future Center Steering Kids to Tomorrow

    Future Center

    With students cheering in the background and a pair of oversized scissors snipping a ribbon, The Future Center in the Westminster High School Library officially opened for business during last week’s District 50 Showcase.

    FC2 The Future Center provides students and parents with a place to go to explore all of the options available for students after high school graduation. There is information about college, but also career options as well.

    “This is an incredibly special night for us,” said Sandy Steiner, Director of Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness. Speaking to students of all ages she added, “We are here to help you decide what you want to do after you leave high school. This will help you get ahead in a competitive environment.”

    The Future Center has been a high priority project for the District and the Board of Education. Board Treasurer Ryan McCoy was asked to speak on behalf of all of the board members.

    “When I think about the Future Center, I always think about opportunity,” said McCoy. He told the audience that it is important for students to follow a path that speaks to their interests and aspirations.

    The Future Center, he said, helps with the process. “These are the stepping stones to your moving forward.”

    Check out this week’s Insider Video to learn more about the Future Center:

    Posted November 9, 2015