• Board President Says an Emotional ‘Goodbye’


    He may no longer be sitting on the Board of Education, but Ruben Pacheco will still be making an impact on the school district he grew up in; that was his guarantee.

    Presiding over his last meeting as Board of Education President, Ruben Pacheco closed the session with an emotional speech to his family, friends and colleagues. Pacheco withdrew from the race for the Board of Education in October and was replaced in last month’s election by Max Math.

    “I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be your President,” said Pacheco. “This is a role that is devoted to two things, our community and our future, and I never lost sight of that.”

    He called for the new BOE to continue to fight for equitable funding from the state legislature and urged that the memorial honoring District 50 graduates who have died during war be given a more prominent location at District 50 Memorial Stadium.

    There were plenty of people who wanted to say (or sing) something to Pacheco as well. Principals showed up as a group to say thank you his commitment to children, and the Raging Harmonies also turned out to sing a song. The group’s performance was especially meaningful to Pacheco because he was a member when he was a student at Westminster High School.

    He concluded his remarks by saying, “thank you for four wonderful years,” and received a standing ovation.

    You can see Pacheco’s remarks in their entirety on the Board of Education video channel.

    Posted November 30, 2015