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    D50 TV Program Focus: Artificial Snow Goes Green

    Michael Bacher is determined to provide an alternative to the artificial snow commonly used to groom ski slopes. Rather than light, powdery snowflakes, snow cannons pump out tiny pellets of ice that are less enjoyable to ski on. The conventional process also requires a lot of water and electricity. That’s why, in his work at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, the Austrian engineer has developed a new kind of snow machine. His invention produces tiny, hexagonal ice crystals almost identical to fresh natural snow through a process that uses a lot less water and electricity than conventional snow cannons. Join him on the slopes to give it a trial run.

    Artificial Snow Goes Green will broadcast at 8:00 PM Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday on D50 TV Comcast channel 54.

    Here is an excerpt from the program:


    Posted November 30, 2015