• BOE Supports CBS


    For the fourth time since the District moved to a Competency Based System (CBS) in 2009, the Board of Education has passed a resolution in support of the innovative approach to education.

    The resolution reflects the support of the newly formed board which added newcomer Max Math in November. Prior boards have passed similar resolutions to make it clear to District staff and the community that the elected board fully supports the full implementation of CBS.

    The resolution reaffirms the goal of CBS which is to end “social promotion” by requiring students to demonstrate competency of a learning topic before moving on to the next learning level. CBS places a focus on measurable learning rather than the amount of time a student has spent in the classroom of their age.

    CBS allows students who are behind their peers to receive individualized instruction enabling them to catch up while also allowing advanced students to push ahead of their peers to possibly graduate early or take college level classes while still in high school.

    District 50’s move to a Competency Based System has generated wide spread interest and praise from educators who believe CBS is the best strategy to meet the needs of all children.

    A video explaining how CBS works can be seen here

    Posted January 25, 2016