• New Video Spotlights Steve Sandoval, ‘A Leader to Learn From’

    Leaders to Learn From

    A new video from Education Week’s “Leaders to Learn From” is showing educators around the country why Dr. Steve Sandoval is making such an impact in Adams County School District 50.
    It was videotaped late last year at various locations around the District.

    Sandoval, Executive Director of Student Services was selected for his implementation of the interventionist framework that ensures all students learn to their highest potential.

    Sandoval’s approach uses collaboration and blended learning resources to target special needs students as well as English Language and Gifted Learners. Whenever possible, students are folded into existing programs instead of being placed in their own silos.

    Dr. Sandoval will join a select group of America’s most influential education leaders in Washington, D.C. in March. They will share ideas and find ways to embrace effective solutions challenging school districts across the country.

    Superintendent Pam Swanson acknowledged Sandoval during last week’s “State of the District” report.

    Posted January 25, 2016