• ‘State of District 50 is Strong’

    State of District

    In her yearly ‘State of the District’ report last week, Superintendent Pam Swanson said the District is “moving in the right direction,” while at the same time urging staff to work hard and not become “frustrated and distracted by the challenges facing public education.”

    It was the fifth report by Swanson.

    She framed her report under three broad themes: resources, image and sustained excellence.

    Swanson said if the staff, community and students can remain focused on those key priorities, students will be prepared for the all-important day after graduation.

    In her 25 minute speech she urged the Colorado legislature to increase education funding and to reclassify the Hospital Provider Fee to an enterprise fund that would enable lawmakers to provide additional funding for Colorado schools. If the fee is not changed to an enterprise fund, the legislature could be forced to make cuts because of rules outlined by TABOR, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The majority of state superintendents, including Swanson, recently signed an advocacy funding statement that parallels Swanson’s remarks.

    Swanson said she also supports a rebranding proposal the District is considering that could result in a change of the District 50 name, logo and tag line. She said it’s important that the District compete with surrounding districts in attracting and keeping students. After her remarks, the Board of Education voiced its support for renaming the District, but no decisions have been made so far.

    You can read Dr. Swanson’s remarks in their entirety here or watch the speech here.

    The video below highlights many of the key topics Swanson delivered in her remarks.

    Posted January 25, 2016