• District Celebrates Academic Excellence

    It’s often called the Super Bowl of the Mind and just like the Broncos in San Francisco, District 50 students didn’t disappoint during their weekend competition at Ranum Middle School.

    The event was something really worth celebrating.

    After winning the right to advance at their individual schools, elementary and middle school students gathered for a morning of friendly competition sponsored by the Gifted Education Department and organized by Pam Keel and her staff.

    This year’s event was held at Ranum Middle School, where hundreds of families and parents turned out to support their kids.

    As always, the event began with the District 50 Parade of School Champions, where students marched to stage behind their school banner. Board of Education member Ryan McCoy gave a rousing welcome to each school.

    Westminster High School’s Raging Harmonies performed a wonderful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

    Superintendent Pam Swanson told the students and families that while winning is nice, the most important lesson for students was to, “believe in themselves and never give up.” She reminded the audience that two years ago the Broncos lost in the Super Bowl to the Seattle Seahawks and used that experience to work even harder and come back to beat the Carolina Panthers in this year’s game.

    Below are the list of the day’s winners and Elementary and Middle School Spelling Bees.

    Elementary Spelling Bee

    Middle School Spelling Bee

    Elementary Geography Bee
      Name Grade School
    1st Place Team Jesus Terrazas 5 Hodgkins
      Steve Dam 3 Hodgkins
      Catalina Alaniz 4 Flynn
      Alberto Medina 4 Flynn
    2nd Place Team Jairo Marquez 5 F.M. Day
      Brayden Morgan 5 F.M. Day
      Yashaswi Rai 4 Tennyson Knolls
    3rd Place Team Riley Taylor 4 Sunset Ridge
      Clover Blayer 4 Metz
    Middle School Geography Bee
    1st Place Team Wesley Woodcock 8 Colorado STEM Academy
      Aanya Thapa 6 Colorado STEM Academy
      Pierce Smeester 7 Colorado STEM Academy
      J.R. Loya 7 Colorado STEM Academy
      Julieanna Knief 7 Colorado STEM Academy
      Connor Harlow 8 Colorado STEM Academy
    2nd Place Team Kimberly Aguirre 8 Ranum
      Patricia Herrera 8 Ranum
      Karla Garcia 8 Ranum
      Alex Kroese 8 Ranum
    3rd Place Team Oscar Hernandez 8 Scott Carpenter
      Diego Montanez Gallegos 7 Scott Carpenter
      Cristian Cordova Gallegos 7 Scott Carpenter
      Emma Namvong 6 Scott Carpenter
      Adrian Fernandez 8 Scott Carpenter
    Elementary Science Fair - Kindergarten
    1st Place Winner Kaden Snow K F.M. Day
      Project: My Gummy Bear
    Elementary Science Fair
    1st Place Winner Monet Halterman   Metz
    2nd Place Winners Ryler McBride   Hodgkins
      Bielly Phasay   Fairview
    3rd Place Winner Dante DeLeon   Skyline Vista
    Middle School Science Fair
    1st Place Winner Jasmine Bonner   Shaw Heights
    2nd Place Winners Austin Oaks   Shaw Heights
      Cesar Rios Ramirez   Scott Carpenter
    3rd Place Winner Minerva Harris   Shaw Heights
    Math Counts
    1st Place Team Fabian Amarosa 7 Colorado STEM Academy
      Garrett Ferguson 7 Colorado STEM Academy
      Ian McGillicuddy 7 Colorado STEM Academy
      Connor Harlow 8 Colorado STEM Academy
    2nd Place Team Matthew Medina 7 Ranum
      Adrian Florean 6 Ranum
      Edson Martinez Santos 7 Ranum
      Oanh Vu 7 Ranum
      Sarai Damasco 7 Ranum
      Eddy Marquez 7 Ranum
    3rd Place Team Junhuan Dorado 7 Scott Carpenter
      Adrian Fernandez 8 Scott Carpenter
      Jane Le 7 Scott Carpenter
      Zaira Villalobos 7 Scott Carpenter
    4th Place Team Minerva Harris 6 Shaw Heights
      Charlize Wellington 7 Shaw Heights
      Devin Jones 6 Shaw Heights
      Jazmin Ponce 7 Shaw Heights
    Elementary Spelling Bee
    1st Place Winner Kohen Lewton 5 Colorado STEM Academy
    2nd Place Winner Ashley Martines 5 Westminster El
    Middle School Spelling Bee
    1st Place Winner Adrian Florean 6 Ranum
    2nd Place Winner Fabian Amarosa 7 Colorado STEM Academy
    3rd Place Winner Shawn Salazar 8 Shaw Heights
    First LEGO League Robotics Competition
    1st Place School Team Colorado STEM Academy
    2nd Place School Team Shaw Heights
    3rd Place School Team Scott Carpenter

    Posted February 22, 2016