• FRED Award Winners Named


    It was a parade of great District 50 employees at this month’s Board of Education meeting as the Board recognized FRED award winners for both January and February. The list included employees who keep our kids safe, parents well informed and the budget in order.

    The “Fred Award” was created last year as a way to honor Education Support Professionals across the District. It’s named after a mailman profiled in the book The Fred Factor who consistently did more than his job description required.

    January Winners


    Deputy Sheri Duran
    is the School Resource Officer at Hodgkins Elementary and Scott Carpenter Middle School. She is so popular, students from her schools came to hold signs and cheer for her. This is her first year in the District and she was described as doing, “an incredible job in connecting with community, parents, students and staff. “


    Megan Toth
    is the Administrative Finance Assistant for the District. Her nomination letter read in part: “Regardless of how busy she is, how many deadlines she hast to meet, or how many e-mails are stacking up in her queue, she finds time to talk through any problem with her supervisors to help reach a satisfying conclusion.”

    February Winners


    Tami Pister
    is the registrar at Hidden Lake High School. Her nomination letter included the following: “Tami is a wonderful, kind individual who is always pleasant, thoughtful and professional with everyone she interacts with. At times, she is the recipient of misplaced parental frustration around systematic issues, and Tami de-escalates the situation, ultimately working with the parent to find a solution or resource to support them.”

    Campus Monitors-Westminster High School. The six campus monitors who ensure that Westminster High School is a safe and friendly environment were also recognized as FRED award winners. Not only do they work with students, but it’s estimated that on some days there are up to 260 visitors at Westminster High School. It’s a hugely important job. They were described as follows:

    Brian Oliver is the newest member to the team who was described as very positive, visible and approachable.

    Donnie Smith is called the resident “hound dog” because he can track down any kind of needed information about a student.

    Daniel Casias is described as quick on his feet and a “go to” person when it comes to helping Spanish speaker students or visitors.

    Steve Dehn was described as the tech guru with a heart as big as Montana. Someone who loves to be around kids and they know it.

    Brent Courtney is the problem solver who helps to see all the holes in the system.

    Danette Caren was described as the glue that holds them all together.

    If you would like to acknowledge someone who provides excellent customer service, go to Fred@adams50.org to write your nomination. Continue to read the Insider for updates on future winners.

    Posted February 22, 2016