• BOE Shares Views on ‘VISION 2020’


    The first of two community meetings to discuss the future direction of Westminster Public Schools was held on Saturday, February 27, with another session scheduled for Monday, March 14.

    A relatively small group of people showed up for the meeting on Saturday morning with more expected for the evening session next Monday which is being held at Sunset Ridge Elementary. The meeting begins at 6:00 p.m.

    During the Saturday meeting, individual board members spoke about each of the five components of the VISION 2020 Strategic Plan which you can read here.

    Board President Dino Valente led the discussion telling the group that the vision statement was the culmination of, “years of work that will serve as a key component to moving forward and growing.”


    Westminster Public Schools’ Identity articulates the Mission, Values and Vision that are shared by the District and community, enabling it to demonstrate outstanding quality that transcends the boundaries of the classroom walls and is personified in our staff and students.


    Westminster Public Schools is an educational leader whose priority is to seek high academic standards, support innovative instructional programs and practices, increase academic achievement, and develop our students’ learning skills.


    Westminster Public Schools supports the personal, social, financial literacy, career exploration and development of our students in order to ensure each is professionally prepared.


    Westminster Public Schools provides functional and safe infrastructure and facilities, which make a significant contribution to a positive student and workplace experience.


    Westminster Public Schools is an employer of choice committed to fostering an environment of education innovation through a workplace that attracts, sustains, and inspires great people, working for a great purpose, while promoting diversity, equity, civility, and respect.

    Posted March 8, 2016