• Westminster Public Schools Searching for Great Teachers


    It’s no surprise to us!

    Last week U.S. News & World Report listed Denver as the number one Best Place to Live in the United States; you probably agree.

    It’s a great selling point for potential teacher hires, but far from the only one.

    The Human Relations Department has unveiled a five minute video that highlights why potential teachers should consider working for Westminster Public Schools. You can see it below.

    The video focuses on some of the key benefits of working for WPS:

    • Great benefits and opportunities for professional development
    • Innovative Competency Based System (CBS)
    • Quality lifestyle
    • Supporting, caring environment

    The video and recruitment efforts are directly tied to Vision 5 of the District’s Vision 2020 strategic plan that was approved by the Board of Education late last year:

    “Westminster Public Schools is an employer of choice committed to fostering an environment of education innovation through a workplace that attracts, sustains, and inspires great people, working for a great purpose, while promoting diversity, equity, civility, and respect.”

    Recruitment efforts are more important than ever because of a teacher shortage in the state of Colorado. Math, science and special education teachers are in especially high demand as are minority teachers.

    According to several recent reports, enrollment in college-level teacher preparation schools is down 23 percent from five years ago. About 1,000 teachers graduated in Colorado with teaching degrees at the elementary school level and according to a recently estimate, Colorado will have a shortfall of approximately 300 teachers annually.

    The problem is even greater in rural parts of the state and lawmakers are considering legislation to provide incentives for people to teach in those parts of the state.

    You can read the 2016 Legislative Report on Educator Preparation here.

    Posted March 8, 2016