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English Language Development Services

  • English Language Development (ELD) instruction is provided in Westminster Public Schools through collaboration between general education teachers and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE) specialists. We offer services through a variety of models depending on students and school needs.

  • Language Blocks

    Language block is taught on a daily basis of 45 minute increments. It is a core curriculum subject guaranteed to all English Learners (ELs). Language blocks are taught by a certified staff member. Certified staff members include a CLDE specialist, Title I interventionist and general educators who have a CLDE endorsement or who are trained in ELD strategies. Instruction includes objectives for the four basic language competencies:

    1. listening
    2. speaking
    3. reading
    4. writing

    Language Blocks work best when groups are leveled by English proficiency. Teachers can co-teach to facilitate instruction. Growth will be shown when the language block is rigorous, level-specific, and offers additional opportunities for listening, speaking reading and writing to take place.

  • Push-In Model

    This model instructs English Learners in the general education classrooms where they are learning side by side with English native speakers and Fluent English Proficient (FEP) peers under the supervision and support of a CLDE specialist and general classroom teacher.

  • Transitional Bilingual Program

    In this model, students are instructed in Spanish and English. As students learn more English, the proportion of English instruction increases. Designated transitional bilingual program teachers are fluent in Spanish and are specially trained to teach your child English.

    Currently, only F.M. Day Elementary uses this program in Westminster Public Schools.

  • Co-Teaching

    Co-teaching is the process in which CLDS specialists co-teach in a regular classroom to help make the content comprehensible and support teachers in ensuring that the students language development occurs concurrently while teaching content. Additional content areas are taught in age-appropriate settings. English language instruction must be aligned with and integrated into grade-level curriculum, and differentiated to make content accessible to students at all levels.

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