• Identification


    Colorado state law requires that school districts must ascertain the primary language of every student on the Home Language Survey (HLS) in order to ensure that each and every non-native speaker of English is appropriately identified. When a student enrolls initially in a school district, it is important to identify the primary language of the student. In Westminster Public Schools, upon enrollment every student completes the HLS at each school. The form is then turned into District CLDE registrar.

    A student who identifies any language other than English to one or more of the questions in the student language information section is considered to have a primary language other than English. Upon completion of the identification process parent are then notified by the schools of the additional services their child will receive through the ELD Program. If you have any questions regarding your child’s identification, please contact Karen Audett at (303) 487-2566 or the CLDE Specialist at your child’s school.